In Baone the 17th edition of the "Festival of Peas"

From 22nd to 27th May

Only a few hours at the beginning of the festival in the town of Baone: “Festival of Peas”.

From this evening 22nd May to 27th will be held on important event in the small town of Euganean Hills, great opportunity to buy peas of Baone directly from producers, taste the dishes with peas, know the other typical features of the territory and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

The Festival is a great opportunity for put into practice the theme of EXPO 2015, because it promotes a local product almost disappeared, and encourages the recovery of marginal hill land, not suitable for other crops, favoring the care of a territory. It is a green party, because the harvest is done exclusively by hand.

The link between the peas and the country of Baone has very deep roots. The elders of the town remember the times when the square of Baone was a real benchmark for the sale of peas, also for the surrounding countries. Today they are recognized as a typical product in the province of Padova and surrounding areas.

The Festival of peas takes place in the square of Baone (Padua) and the visitors can taste the typical dishes of peas, buy fresh peas by local sellers of peas, taste the wines of the Euganean Hills, attend musical and entertainment events, visit the rich craft and hobby market, visit exhibitions.

The multi-year involvement of restaurateurs and bloggers of gastronomic sector has fostered a greater knowledge of the product and the birth of recipes and culinary combinations (for example tacos, soups, meatballs, etc). More reasons to participate!

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